All of our workshops are customized for the individual client school. Below you will find our most requested professional learning topics. If you don't see a topic that fits your needs, contact Karen ( to discuss your needs.

If desired, Karen can conduct a needs and interest survey of your staff to better focus her workshop.

Technology Integration Coaching can also be arranged or combined with our workshops.

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G Suite for Education

  • Introduction to G Suite for Education
  • Using G Suite for Education in Your Classroom
  • Google Classroom (includes the new Grade book and Locked Quizzes)
  • Using Google Forms for Assessment (includes Locked Quizzes)
  • Using Google Keep in the Classroom
  • Desktop Publishing with Google Slides
  • Google Drive as Cloud Storage
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  • Introduction to Chromebooks in the Classroom
  • Doing More with Chromebooks in your Classroom (Customized by content area.)
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Geo Tools

  • Storytelling with Google Earth/Maps
  • Using Google Earth/Maps across Content Areas
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Specific Content Areas

  • Storytelling with Google Earth/Maps
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Supporting the Writing Process with Technology
  • G Suite for STEM Educators (Math and Science)
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Differentiation/Special Education/UDL

  • Accessibility for All Learners
  • Universal Design for Learning
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Google Sites

  • Web Design with Google Sites