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Google Geo Tools


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Google Tour Builder

Google Earth (Web) - New 04/2017


The web version of Google Earth will run on a Chromebook.

More resources to come. Be aware that this is a limited version of Google Earth an many of the things you can do in Tour Builder and the desktop version will not work.

Google Earth (Desktop)

Download Google Earth or Google Earth Pro

Other Resources

Fun Stuff: Games and More

Smarty Pins | Google Art & Cultural Institute | Google Treks |Google Lit Trips | Land Lines | placeSpotting |

Geo Greeting | Cycling the Alps | Earth Picker | Mission Map Quest | Tower Defense in Google Maps |

GeoGuessr | GeoSettr (GeoGuessr Pro Account required) |Geo Guns - Turn any maps in to a battlefield |

I Know Where Your Cat Lives - Geo tagged cat pictures from Instagram| Google Maps Street View Gallery |

World of Music | The Hobbit: Battle of Middle Earth | Google Street View Tour of Diagon Alley |

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | I Know Where Your Cat Lives - Cat pictures from Instagram|

Earth View extension for Chrome - Adds a satellite image from Google Maps every time you open a new tab.|

Terrapattern Alpha (visual search engine for Google Earth still limited) |



Expeditions Resources to come