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Google Geo Tools


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My Maps


More Resource Presentations:

Google Tour Builder


Tour Builder - Create Google Maps Tours

Google Tour Creator

Google Earth (Web)


The web version of Google Earth will run on a Chromebook.

More resources to come. Be aware that this is a limited version of Google Earth an many of the things you can do in Tour Builder and the desktop version will not work.

Google Earth (Desktop)



Google Expeditions - VR experiences you can share with your class using Google Cardboard or not.

Google Arts and Culture

Other Resources

Virtual Reality

Fun Stuff: Games and More

More fun stuff is listed under the appropriate app above.

The Secret Door | Google Local Guides |Google Maps Street View Gallery | Google Lit Trips |

Earth View extension for Chrome - Adds a satellite image from Google Maps every time you open a new tab.|

Land Lines - Draw or drag a line and see what happens | placeSpotting - Match satellite images with places on Google Maps |

Games in Google Earth - Carmen Sandeigo and more | Mission Map Quest - Create your own Google Maps Treasure Hunt |

Tower Defense in Google Maps | Geo Guns - Turn any map in to a battlefield | Streetview.portraits on Instagram |

I Know Where Your Cat Lives - Geo tagged cat pictures from Instagram| Google Night Walk - Headphones recommended. |

Geo Greeting - Create names with buildings shaped like letters | The Hobbit: Battle of Middle Earth |

Google Street View Tour of Diagon Alley | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them |

Terrapattern Alpha (visual search engine for Google Earth still limited) |

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