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(This is a rough screen cast that I recorded when I had the flu. I plan to re-record it when I get some free time.)

You will need to install both the Doctopus add-on and the Goobric Web App Launcher. I especially like the auto advance feature.

Goobric Example Numeric Rubric

Karen's Goobrics

5 Paragraph Essay Rubric - I also use this one with criteria or Focus Correction Areas instead of Paragraphs.

Basic Argument Essay Rubric (It's really awful, but it's a place to start).

Orange Slice Teacher Rubric (Google Docs Add-on)

Review and screenshot to come.

Peer Feedback

Teacher Feedback

Read and Write for Google (Google Chrome Extension)

Teachers can get the premium version for FREE. I mainly use the voice commenting feature. It will insert your voice comment into a comment bubble.

Students do not have to have Read&Write installed to hear your comments. However, they can use the text-to-speech function (free) to listen to their work.

Draftback allows you to see the development of the document. Great for checking for plagarism and time-on-task.

Draftback demo.mp4

Video demonstrating Google Chrome Draftback Extension

Highlight and record a voice comment without leaving Google Docs Kaizena now has a Lessons feature, which lets you attach saved feedback to highlights inside a Google Doc. You can also track student skills with their new Skills feature.

WriQ Extension by TextHelp

From TextHelp, the makers of Read&Write. Writing assessment add-on uses machine learning to grade your students' work. It has a built in rubric function. It is still early days, and they want teachers to use this to grade written work so that they can anonymously gather data on common student errors. Teachers who participate will get WriQ free for life. TextHelp plans to develop a "Lexile"-type score for writing based on this data.

It is worth checking out. I found many false positive and misclassified errors when I tried it when it first came out.

Google Keep


Video demonstrating Google Keep

More Writing Resources

xWriting Resources

Other Helpful Sites

ClassroomQ Website: Help kids without them raising their hands; build your own "customer service queue."

No Red Ink: Grammar Practice online

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