MacChyver Tech

At MacChyver Tech, our goal is to make the use of technology in classrooms ubiquitous. We view technology as another tool that educators can use to engage students and to help them become literate, participating citizens whether you use traditional technology (pen and paper) or digital technology. We also offer Statistical Analysis, Tutoring, and Special Education Advocacy.

Our services are available for schools, conferences, non-profits, small businesses, and individuals.

Interactive Professional Learning Workshops

Karen involves her audience in the planning of each session. She encourages back-channels and questions throughout. Karen believes that she should learn as much from you as you did from her.

Prior to your workshop, Karen conducts a needs survey and works with your leadership team to determine the focus of each workshop. Her goal is to have everyone leave with at least one new skills. idea, or resource that can be implemented in their classroom the next day.

While the list is not exhaustive, the workshop page can give you an idea about the topics available. If you don't see exactly what you would like, ask. Karen loves developing new workshops. The PD Events

Teachers in a Classroom
Adults in a classroom

Conference Presentations, Workshops, and Keynotes

Karen is a frequent presenter at conferences. She is available for conference sessions, pre-conference workshops, and keynotes. The conferences and resources pages can give you ideas about past topics.

Adults in large classroom with a presenter

Technology Coaching for Schools and Educators

If a formal session doesn't meet your needs, Karen offers virtual and on-site support and coaching services for technology integration, book studies. These sessions can be 1:1 or small groups (departments, grade levels or PLCs.

Students using Chromebooks in a classroom.


Karen and Christopher can provide tutoring for individuals.

K-8: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Study Skills.

9-12: English Language/Literature, Writing, Mathematics, and Study Skills.

College: Undergraduate Level Composition, Calculus I, II, III, Statistics. (Potential for other courses).

Special Education Advocacy

If you are faced Support for parents and students with IEPs and 504 plans. Preparation and consultation available. Karen is an experienced Special Education Teacher and a parent of a special needs students. She has a good undersanding of wor

Statistical Analysis: Schools and Non-Profits

If your school doesn't have access to a statistician and desires more analysis than what is provided by the testing companies, or if you school conducts its own research, MacChyver Tech can crunch the numbers for you. Christopher Chichester, our resident statistician, conducts objective analysis of your data using Excel, SSPS, and SASS.

Statistical Analysis: Graduate Students

Are you completing a PhD and Master's Degree that requires statistical analysis? Are you preparing an article for an academic publication? Let us crunch the numbers so you don't have to. Christopher has experience working with people in both of these areas.